17 February 2008

a. - lacking social grace and assurance, causing embarrasement.

So Terry is pretty much the cutest thing EVER! But that's not what this is about. It seems my life is full of awkward turtle moments. Seriously, moments that are so painfully awkward that you just can't help laughing. Moments that make you think to yourself, "is this seriously happening? am I seriously having this conversation right now, did I serioulsy just do that? did they see my face, my face that says, 'oh crap, I can't believe that just happened'". People must think I'm nuts...but I guess that's something I'll have to live with. Everyone has a comfort zone and mine was recently VIOLATED this weekend, but it's my own fault...but that doesn't make it anyless awkward. Even the WORD awkward is awkward, really. More to come. I wish I had a TV crew with me but they wouldn't be able to capture my inner monologue as it happens, which is really the best part.

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