17 February 2008

bane of my existence

Ick. So being a nursing student in the last semester of a four year education, I have to study for this NCLEX-RN exam...it's computerized and sucky. You have to answer a minimum of 75 questions but it's possible to answer 165 or something ridiculous like that! So this exam is adaptive and as you answer questions correctly it will give you harder questions and the level of passing is pre-set and if by the end of 75 questions you're answering one right and one wrong at the predetermined level you pass. Lickitty split, juuuust like that *insert snaping and winking motions*. I can't focus long enough to answer 50 questions much less 165, I'll die. I'll be sitting in my chair, in front of the computer, in a room filled with other people taking various licencing tests and I'll fall over right then an there once question 76 pops up. The test proctors will have to pick up my lifeless body from the floor as the entire room stares, panic-stricken. Maybe they'll get an automatic pass. Med cards are hard, I've never heard of 50% of the medications in this large and heavy (but as the company puts it, "convenient and portable for on-the-go studying") box. So as I sit at my computer, putzing around, I try in vain to go over each category of medications but to no avail I'm forgetting each one I pick up and the list of medications we are supposed to know gets longer and longer with each week. Double ick.

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