13 March 2008

Angel's Personal Hell

So Angel and I went to Calgary, Alberta. It was interesting. We had sort of already broken with Canada after our Vancouver trip (which had nothing to do with the company, which was excellent!). Canadians aren't really as nice as they claim and it's kind of smelly. Well, Angel and I broke up with Canada for real this time. No more "one for the roads". . . us and Canada are through, however we did manage to have a pretty fun time. No tattoos though...damn that Ted...he was 'spensive. Buuuuut Dave, the tattoo shop guy was cute, short, freckled, flirty and very sweet. I'm debating sending them the link for this blog...so if you guys are reading this...hi! Awkward. Anyway. We also met a very nice hotel receptionist guy. He was so sweet and helpful, however we never learned his name...which is sad. Hi to him if he's reading this.

Anyway, we went to Canada and actually had a bit of a time getting into the stinking country. They made us go inside, answer a bunch of questions, get strip and cavity searched, and made us wait in line just to tell us we were okay to go...oookay maybe I lied about one of those...Angel and I also had a bit of a time with the C-Train...I blame my lack of direction and Angel and I's inability to understand what each other is saying when we're both confused. After we arrived we decided to tackle the tattoo issue...which ended badly. *see empty designated tattoo spots on Angel and I's bodies* Tedly and Davey were sure nice though. Then we went to the tower which was very high, some 525 stories, Angel was a little scared but we power through. There is a part in the tower where you can step out onto a Plexiglas ledge...I was scared but I ended up walking on it, it was creepy. You could see everything beneath you! We walked around a bit and realized that downtown shuts down at about 6pm...which is lame. The next day we went to the ZOO!!! It was really exciting. There was a big male gorilla named Kakinga. He was awesome. Also there was a baby elephant who stole the water hose from the other elephants to put it in her mouth. She was adorable. Richard, the 2 year old giraffe was there too and he was also very cute. We also found out that Angel is an animal whisperer. She kept making noises and doing Angel whispering dances to get the animals to look at her. The male lion wanted to eat her too. He got right up to the cage and watched in awe as Angel jumped up and down, clapping and making sound effects. Also, we suspect Bath and Body work's Sea Cotton hand sanitizer is an aphrodisiac because the lions and the camels started getting busy once she came up to them. We fed ducks and saw bears fight. The prehistoric area was lame but the porcupines were soooo cute! There's also a night creatures exhibit and Angel and I almost didn't enter because we were under the impression bats would be flying around but it turned out that they weren't and we were SAFE! I can't remember anything else exciting. Oh, we went to one of the restaurants and as soon as we entered I laughed on the inside. The ENTIRE thing (it was a big cafeteria) was FILLED with small children. It was loud and it was Angel's own little hell. It was hilarious. She loathes children and there were children EVERYWHERE! All of them screaming, crying or making other various loud noises. I thought they were cute but, that's me!

After the zoo was the big mall which was alright. They had a card store with Star Trek note paper and stuff, it was awesome. We ate and accidentally missed China town!! Everything closed! LAME. We then spent about an hour at the public library which curiously enough has a section for travel brochures. AAAAND we found out that all our suspicions about Carolyn's Canadian accent were true because the librarian said BORROW (as in bore-owe). It was AWESOME.

We thought we'd go to Sephora on our way out of town but our directions we received were for out of town and not the same way I thought we were going to go so we missed it...which was embarrassing...Overall, Canada does not impress us, but Angel and I had an awesome time but wished our other two counterparts were there!!!

09 March 2008

American consumerism at its finest!!!

Sooo we (my three other roommates and I) have this roommate. She's a theater person...go figure, she rarely has class and sleeps the mornings away. Apparently she had an apartment before crashing our little party in our dorm. Why you would leave your apartment where you have x amount of space and your own washer and dryer is beyond me. She seems to think she wasn't meeting people because of living off campus (turns out she wasn't meeting people because she's WEIRD!!!) So she asks us if its okay if she bring some furniture into the room and we're like, ya sure whatever...So we come back to this DVD cabinet made of fake oak and a top we find various photographs aaaaaaaannnnnnd this (see above picture)!!!! Actually four of them to be exact. But seriously, besides these things being utterly tacky and hideous, they fetch for about $22!!! The girl decorates like a 60 year-old grandmother...it cracks us up. I just thought I'd share the ingenuity of Kitchen Fairies. If you love them...I'm sorry, I'm sure they spruce up your kitchens nicely...maybe.... http://www.funtocollect.com/kitchenfairies.html