09 March 2008

American consumerism at its finest!!!

Sooo we (my three other roommates and I) have this roommate. She's a theater person...go figure, she rarely has class and sleeps the mornings away. Apparently she had an apartment before crashing our little party in our dorm. Why you would leave your apartment where you have x amount of space and your own washer and dryer is beyond me. She seems to think she wasn't meeting people because of living off campus (turns out she wasn't meeting people because she's WEIRD!!!) So she asks us if its okay if she bring some furniture into the room and we're like, ya sure whatever...So we come back to this DVD cabinet made of fake oak and a top we find various photographs aaaaaaaannnnnnd this (see above picture)!!!! Actually four of them to be exact. But seriously, besides these things being utterly tacky and hideous, they fetch for about $22!!! The girl decorates like a 60 year-old grandmother...it cracks us up. I just thought I'd share the ingenuity of Kitchen Fairies. If you love them...I'm sorry, I'm sure they spruce up your kitchens nicely...maybe.... http://www.funtocollect.com/kitchenfairies.html

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i lack imagination said...

The only thing they should spruce is a retirement home, and ever then they are only brought out because the relative that gifted such an ugly thing is visiting.